Fall down stairs

Accident Treatment Insurance

The Accident Treatment Insurance policy pays you a fixed amount for the bills you incur from an accident. The policy provides a predetermined benefit amount for a wide-variety of treatments needed after an accident.

Accident Treatment Insurance is not meant to replace any existing medical coverage; it is designed to cover the costs not already covered by your major medical insurance.  While we all would hope to have good medical insurance coverage, this is unfortunately not an option for millions of American’s who are unemployed, or employed by firms unable or unwilling to provide medical coverage.

If you are earning a living, you most likely earn too much to qualify for Medicaid or you may possibly fall into the income range where the Health Insurance Marketplace won’t provide you much in tax credits to offset the high cost of health insurance.  Accident Treatment insurance is just one of the ways to enjoy some help with medical costs in the case of an unfortunate accident that won’t be covered by any insurance.

In my own case, I had a family friend take a bad fall at my home.  My home owners’ policy only covered $5,000.00 and her bills which totaled over $40,000.00 for a badly fractured upper arm that required surgery and hospitalization.  Sadly, she has recently retired and was thinking since she was in good health, there was no need for the typical $1,000.00 a month insurance coverage available on the healthcare marketplace.

If you find yourself needing medical coverage and either can’t afford the current rates or you have missed the annual enrollment period, you should also consider Short term health insurance coverage, hospital indemnity coverage and gap insurance which can include coverage for critical health issues such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and other serious conditions that could arise during times you find yourself without major medical coverage.

Contact me to learn about insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget. There is no obligation and I am happy to research a wide-range of options for you.