If you are 64 or have been permanently disabled or over 65 and want to find a trusted partner to help you choose or change to the optimal Medicare plan; I offer unlimited free consultations and personalized plans. I will show you the tricks of the trade so you don’t fall for a deceptive sales pitch.

 Let me help you understand ALL of your Medicare options.

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  • Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Prescription Drug Plans

  • Hospital Indemnity Plans

  • Dental and Vision Plans

You must be in Washington or Oregon because I am not licensed anywhere else.

I am certified and appointed by numerous insurance carriers to ensure you get a wide-view of all the options available to you. No agency is selling all possible plans in WA or OR. However, I will show you how to see all the possible plans available to you and I am not concerned at all if you don’t enroll through me because I know once you speak to me, you will learn things about Medicare that people dependent on commissions or keeping their jobs absolutely won’t tell you.

Before you enroll elsewhere, allow me to produce a free personalized Medicare Plan based on your needs and budget.

Don’t fall for the hype that implies that some plans are free. There is no such thing as free Medicare insurance unless you are living on a very low income and own few assets. You will either pay a known fixed monthly premium or pay an unknown amount when you need medical services. Medicare Advantage is private insurance and should not be confused with original Medicare. Medicare Advantage has disadvantages that you MUST understand before you enroll in any plan.

I am not affiliated with Medicare or any government agency. I am a licensed independent insurance agent that enjoys helping folks understand complicated insurance products.

Washington License OIC #1112619
Oregon License #20021829

For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings call 503-703-0208 TTY 711.

Confused about Medicare

Confused about Medicare?

I was too and I decided to dedicate my final career to simplifying it for others.

I take the time that most cannot afford to give you. I have no sales goals or sales manager over me.

I have a disabled wife on Medicare and I am now enrolled myself. I know how the Medicare game works.  I live in your time zone and I am here when you need help.


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Yes, I would like to have Don, a licensed independent insurance agent contact me by phone, text, email or Zoom about Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, and/or Medicare Supplement, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Dental and Vision insurance. This is a solicitation for insurance. There is no obligation and Don is happy to be of service.

I strongly suggest that you do not rely solely on online instant quotation systems because they cannot replace a trained human being.

There are some variables that these systems do not factor into the plan selection criteria.

However, that said; I offer the most powerful instant quote system developed for and by private industry in the nation below for you to compare prices.

If you enroll via this system, I will be assigned as your local independent insurance sales agent.

It would be better if you contacted me by phone or email to work with you as I can provide additional critical information to help you decide the optimal plan for your specific needs.

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